9 Combinations of Sofas & Coffee Tables That Work Together

For small and not so small rooms. Square or elongated. Nordic style, elegant or very natural… Whatever room you have, you will find your winning combination!

1. Rivets on the couches, black on the side tables

The sofas are light, yes, but the rivets are dark. They go perfectly with the black legs of the coffee tables. And why two? Because they are smaller and in a large room like this it is a good idea to be able to put them together when a larger table is needed or separate them to use them as auxiliaries.

2. Hints of India

A light gray sofa, neutral, without fanfare, needs a small table (and some armchairs) that “raises the mood” if we want to give personality to the space. This one is perfect. With an Indian air, with a patina of gray paint that combines it with the textiles.

3. An XL sofa, a discreet table

This room is not huge. However, an oversized sofa was wanted. Since it was a square floor plan, a corner sofa fits the bill perfectly. And a square table, too. But in order not to fill out too much, light and white were chosen.

4. Stylized pieces

The sofa is straight, with legs that raise it and make it more stylized and lighter. And the space is small but with high ceilings. Solution for the tables? Round to occupy less visually and with very thin legs that make them appear taller than they are and are in keeping with the environment.

5. Dynamism: two different sofas, two round tables

A living room with two different sofas and of different colors seeks dynamism and for this reason, two small tables instead of one and round ones (less “rigid” than tables with corners) go very well.

6. Boho air with a lot of fiber

The boho style is worn. And more this fall. The fibers should not be missing and applied in pieces like this coffee table, they are a hoot. Ideal to accompany a mixture of original and eclectic seating pieces.

7. Handmade tables in a very natural room

Nothing stands out in this room. The sand color dyes everything and gives it a very natural air. The sofa is with its cotton fabric and the coffee tables accompany it perfectly in style. They are handcrafted pieces made with rope and wood .

8. The ideal table for a soft sofa

The sofa is light in color, not very bulky. Straight, for a very urban environment. But surrounded by curvilinear pieces, such as the seats or even the drawing of the painting that decorates the wall. Hence, a round table is perfect for it. This one also has a plus: two circumferences, one on top of the other, to give extra storage.

9. Urban style on white

In a very urban style, the two sofas arranged in an L shape leave a perfect central area for a square table. In this case, in white and with straight lines, it fits in with the look of all the furniture in the living room.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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