9 Amazing Timber Feature Walls to Inspire

If you want to stand out, enrich your home with  the statement-making timber feature walls. The plain walls were making you feel stumped for such a long time, now the time has come for a change. There are some beautiful benefits when you  implement the timber feature wall at your space, like bringing natural texture and its charming style, so you can warm up any space and add visual interest with the timber.

Since we are bored of all these simple painted walls, let’s get motivated and have some inspiration from the following homes. Here’s how to achieve a look that’s equal parts organic and elegant.


The architect and the stylist of this modernist masterpiece wanted to keep some of the timber paneling unpainted as a little homage to the original features of the house before transforming it.


This home results of a space with beautiful spaces, modern textures and finishes, and a great sense of open space.


Do you like the look of the retro mid-century modern revamp?


This is an example of how the combination of raw concrete and timber can get along, and its robust, refined and tactile combo worked out pretty well.


The mood that has been set for this room is dark, but handsome in the same time. Can you agree with us?


A Japanese style bathroom is all you need if you are in search of minimalism and simplicity. The natural elements are incorporated as an inevitable part of the bathroom space so they create a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat. Can you see how the timber’s warm color and texture brings balance in the room?


The warmth that this room needed is perfectly reached with the timber feature wall around the fireplace.


How is this fitting your needs of having a timber feature wall right now, in this moment? Mhm, yes we think we finally get along.


There is only one thing to be said here, and that’s that a feature wall in reclaimed oak deepens the textural interest of this atmospheric space.


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