8 Favorites For A Modern Bathroom

Are you lacking inspiration for your bathroom design? Walk-in shower, freestanding bathtub, tiled floor or walls… It is true that today, there are so many possibilities that it is easy to get lost!

To help you make your project a reality, we have spotted 8 favorites for a modern bathroom, in very different styles, and with ideas and perfect atmospheres to help you find inspiration.

8 ideas for a modern bathroom

1. Adopt a freestanding bathtub

Perfect in an old or contemporary interior, the freestanding bathtub is a guarantee of style and elegance. We particularly like this model, for its very delicate lines and its slightly flared shape. But also for the two existing finishes: matt or glossy, as here.

2. An anthracite gray cabinet

Less strong than black while being as intense, charcoal gray can be a good compromise for bathroom furniture. This modular model adapts to different spaces and all needs in terms of length, height, and even layout (door or drawer).

3. Tadelakt walls and hanging furniture

We love this bathroom that is both mineral and contemporary! The Tadelakt walls bring a certain authenticity while marrying perfectly with the black lightings and the set of suspended furniture.

4. A terrazzo wall

Always very trendy, terrazzo has the gift of bringing a lot of character to a room. Here, it is used as a wall covering which makes space bright while being very graphic.

Our favorites: the black cabinet with very sober lines, and the bright round mirror!

5. A bathroom with a black and white look

Combined, black and white are a sure bet! The proof with this timeless interior is full of good ideas.

We like the brushed brass taps, the furniture’s legs, and its thick top.

6. Blue wall tiles

Very classic, blue is often associated with the decoration of the bathroom. But here, we find it in an original variation, neither too light nor too dark. The rectangular tiles also bring a certain modernity to the room, especially since it is associated with a slightly gray wooden cabinet.

7. Adopt a huge round mirror

Far from the standards, we fall for this backlit round mirror 140 cm in diameter! With its handleless suspended cabinet and integrated washbasin, this set exudes modernity.

8. Play with the effects of materials

In this bathroom, the effects of materials make all the difference. Indeed, the furniture is adorned with an “old leather” effect coating. The taps, meanwhile, have been chosen in an antique copper finish, for a much-appreciated vintage style.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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