8 Fantastic Black Refrigerators You Will Definitely Want for Your Unique Kitchen

If you are already tired of white or stainless appliances, the solution may be to bet on a black refrigerator. The color, like white, is neutral and adapts perfectly well to any decoration proposal, only with one advantage: it brings much more style and personality to the kitchen. Another great advantage of the black refrigerator is that it can be customized by yourself and you know what that means? Hands-on! This type of refrigerator can be easily wrapped or sticky and, in addition to saving good money, you don’t even have to buy a new appliance.

Did you like the idea of ​​including this dark-colored fridge in your kitchen? So come and see with us all the tips we selected:

Advantages of the Black Refrigerator


Black is the color of elegance and prints modernity and style wherever you go and, of course, that with the refrigerator would be no different. The black refrigerator can be used successfully in different types of decoration, ranging from the most classic to the most modern and bold.

For larger kitchens, bet on the combination of the refrigerator and black cabinets. In smaller kitchens, the classic black and white duo goes very well, in this case, leave the black for the electrics, like the refrigerator, and the white for the cabinets. Another successful combination is the black refrigerator with wood furniture that can pull both a darker tone and a lighter one, depending on the decor proposal you have in mind.

It is also very worthwhile to bet on a black refrigerator attached to the barbecue area or on the gourmet balcony, bringing more personality to this social environment of the house.



It is possible to find black refrigerators to sell in stores, although they are not as common and popular as white ones. But if you do not want to dispose of your refrigerator, or even compromise your budget, know that it is possible to have a black refrigerator at home while spending very little. Do you know how? Opting for the refrigerator envelope. And you can do it yourself (we’ll show you step by step soon).


Did you know that the black refrigerator can become a great blackboard? Super trendy, the black sticker allows you to write phrases, messages, make drawings, and whatever else you find interesting and when you want, just erase it.

Cleaning and maintenance

Like all black appliances, cleaning becomes easier. That’s because the marks and stains become less visible and easier to remove.

Models to Choose From

There is a black fridge of all types: frost-free, inverse, side by side, retro, and so on. Everything will depend on your household needs. Larger models, such as side by side, are perfect for large families, while the black inverse refrigerator is recommended for those who have little need to use the freezer, for example.

The size of the black refrigerator is also important. If you are thinking of buying a new one, see how many liters it holds, and if the values ​​match your family’s needs.

Below is a selection of images of kitchens decorated with black refrigerators. They will inspire your project:










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