8 Brilliant Ideas on Lacy Bathroom Set

A simple detail in lace and voilà… everything changes! And in today’s post, this detail can be called a lacy bathroom set.

In the bathroom, the lace lends its charm to bars of carpet sets, towels, bathrobes, and even slippers and toilet paper holders, guaranteeing that extra touch in simple pieces that often go unnoticed. The super feminine and delicate material is capable of producing magical effects in the decoration. Full of delicacy and romanticism, lace is the perfect material to create a classic, elegant and very charming decoration.

But it is not only in the classic style that the lace stands out. The lacy bathroom set can be used very successfully in rustic, romantic, Provencal and even the most modern proposals. In this case, it is enough to know how to choose the right colors, preferring, preferably, neutral and sober tones. The lacy bathroom set is also a great trick for those who have a simple bathroom and want to enhance the look of the environment without spending too much.

Lace can also be included in crochet bathroom sets, forming beautiful combinations of colors and textures. In other words, the lacy bathroom set is super democratic and fits very well with different aesthetic proposals.










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