8 Alter-Ego Bathrooms That Reflect Your True Self

Your bathroom is the one room of the house where you can go a little wild — if you dare — and reveal a side of your personality that not even your closest confidantes might know about. If your alter ego doesn’t immediately spring to mind, think about what you’d do differently if you had another life to live. Who would you be? What would you do more of? Let these bathroom ideas spark some of your own, or at least get you in touch with those parts of yourself that are waiting to be expressed.

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The philosopher

If you find yourself yearning to discuss the ins and outs of surrealism or metaphysics but your friends are more into celebrity gossip or talking about sports, use your “me” time in the bathroom to ponder the meaning of life. Take these out-of-the-ordinary cabinets as your inspiration to think along different lines.

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The fashionista

You may not be able to justify a wardrobe full of Chanel and Louis Vuitton, but if deep down that’s what you’d really love to have, start by channeling more Chanel in your life one room at a time.

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The Gathered Store, original photo on Houzz

The child at heart

Acting like a grown-up becomes necessary once you reach a certain age, but there’s no reason your inner child can’t come out to play now and then.

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The hedonist

If people tend to think you’re the practical sort, prove them wrong by creating a bathroom that lets you go luxe. Indulge all your senses with bubble bath, candles, fluffy towels and a bath mat to sink your toes into when it’s time to dry off and step back into the real world.

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The nature lover

If your dream vacation involves photographing wildlife, camping on a remote beach surrounded by the sound of crashing waves and the spectacle of swooping birds — but the rest of the family would rather head to a five-star island resort with a swim-up bar — could this bathroom soothe your soul?

Roth Architecture, original photo on Houzz

The modernist

If you’d secretly love to get rid of all of your possessions and simplify your life, it might be time to embrace your minimalist side.

Bruce Stafford Architects, original photo on Houzz

The self-made billionaire

Do you feel like you’re living the wrong life? That really you’d be better suited to a jet-setting existence staying in top hotels across the globe and never lifting a finger to cook or clean? In the meantime, why not make your own home a little more luxurious?

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Strata Landscape Architecture, original photo on Houzz

The nudist

It’s not always practical to unleash your alter ego when it involves shedding all your clothes, but there’s no reason you can’t do the next best thing and bathe au naturel, alfresco.


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