7 Outdoor Accessories To Winterize Your Backyard

Winter just doesn’t seem the season to be kicking back and relaxing out in your backyard, right? Not true! The chilly season doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hide indoors, wrapped up in blankets and with the heat on full blast. Whilst a warm night indoors is an appealing idea on some occasions, many of us also yearn to have an outdoor space to relax, chill or entertain despite the cold weather. Embracing the frosty season can be difficult, but with the right outdoor setup, cosy scenery and a warm and toasty fireplace, you can have a cracking good time outdoors, even in the colder months. In order to help you achieve this, have a look at this list of 7 Outdoor Accessories To Winterise Your Backyard that we have compiled for you.

Choose The Appropriate Outdoor Furniture


It is so vital that you invest in outdoor furniture than can withstand harsh elements, whether it be a freezing winter night or a balmy summer afternoon. Choosing the right furniture for your backyard can help reflect your personality, allow you some creative fun and give you the perfect backyard for entertaining.

Investing in outdoor furniture that can both provide extensive comfort in the long run and survive a ferocious winter hailstorm is key. Ensure that your outdoor furniture is rust resistant, comfortable, durable and serves more than one purpose.

Purchase A Fireplace For Your Home


You may be thinking, but fireplaces are for the inside of my home, not the outside! Whilst this is true, it is also possible to install a fireplace on your patio. Fireplaces can add an attractive focal point to your outdoor areas, as well as bring a touch of winter magic to any party you may be throwing. On top of keeping your guests and family warm and toasty, it is a fantastic gathering spot for everyone to sit around with their cups of hot cocoa.

Remember To Cover Up The Barbie!


When it comes to outdoor appliances and electricals, it is always wise to make sure you cover them up and store them appropriately in the winter months. If you have an outdoor Grill or Barbecue which you would still like to use in the colder months, invest in a good quality protective cover. If you aren’t too keen on firing up the barbecue when it’s cold out, remember to store your grill in your shed or garage. This will ensure that you do not ruin any of your appliances when the rain or cold hits in full force.

Brighten The Gloomy Days With A Splash Of Colour


There is nothing worst than a dull and grey set up on an already gloomy winter day. Play with bold, daring and fun colours when you are choosing accessories such as outdoor furniture covers and cushions. Another great way of incorporating colour is to buy some brightly coloured pots to put your plants in. As vibrant hues and shades are incorporated into your outdoor decor, your spirits will be lifted with the element of fun it brings to your home.

Go Shopping For Some Dazzling Winter Garden Plants


Winter doesn’t have to be all about bare and leafless trees – winter garden plants can add a touch of greenery to any backyard. Options such as Flowering Quince, Snowdrop, Evergreen Boxwood Hedges and Camellias are fantastic options to have in your garden or backyard in winter. Resistant to the cold, they add a touch of glamour and beauty to any winter backyard.

Provide Protection From The Elements



Nothing is worse than sitting outside in the rain or getting soaking wet in the winter time. If you are keen on spending more time outdoors, it is definitely advised that you invest in some protection from the elements. Purchasing large umbrellas to shield your family and guests from rain can be a fantastic way to winterise your backyard. Large winter cover umbrellas also set the perfect scene for a candle lit al fresco dinner on a romantic winter’s night!

Invest In An Outdoor Kitchen


If cooking outdoors is something that tickles your fancy, it may be time to install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. Outdoor kitchens are not just for cooking shows or professional chefs – they are perfect for entertaining with friends and family, and the perfect way to channel your inner chef!

We hope that with these 7 tips on how to winterise your backyard, you’ll enjoy entertaining, relaxing and having family gatherings in your backyard, regardless of what the season is!


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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