7 Green Bathroom Decor Ideas

The green bathroom has never gone out of style, but recently, with the diverse amount of items for decoration and coverings available on the market, this color has gained even more reasons to invade your bathroom and every other room in the house!

The bathroom is almost always the smallest space in the house and less likely to have a special decoration. But to show that it can be a well-decorated environment, with lots of sophisticated, fun, and even minimalist possibilities, we brought you a post with bathrooms decorated in this color that reminds us of nature. After all, every corner of your home needs to be decorated with care to keep your personality!

In this post, we will talk about color psychology, its meaning in culture and the best ways to use each shade in your home, with special attention to the bathrooms!

Different shades: from pastel to darker to use in your home

The color green is one of the most popular colors in the world and has more than 100 colors cataloged and named in tonal scales. Therefore, it can invade your home in wall paints, tiles and tiles, floors, and various decorative objects, entering any type of room.

It is due to the feelings of tranquility, renewal, and hope that this color conveys that it can be applied in every room, ranging from the bedrooms to the bathroom and the kitchen.

And each shade of green can create a different decoration for your environment. In general, the more pastel tones guarantee tranquility and a sophisticated environment, especially when combined with white, gold, and silver. Besides, they are perfect to be the basis of children’s rooms, which can mix more tones and other colors, in a more colorful decoration.

The medium tones near lime green, mint and jade bring more energy and are great for creative areas such as home offices and studios.

The darker tones, combined with shades of black, brown, and gold, are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, and environments that have a more adult and serious style.

But the great fun of the decoration is to start mixing the tones and textures to see what can be combined. Don’t be afraid to dare and create a composition with different shades of green in the same environment!









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Author: Renata Kralevska


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