7 Characteristics to Look for in a Good Property Manager

If you want to enter the world of real estate investment, there’s a lot you need to know. You should be aware of the kinds of properties worth investing in and the right time to buy, among many others. What most people don’t realize, however, is that having a great property manager beside them can make or break their investments.

If you plan on buying a property, it’s always best to hire a commercial property manager  or one who specializes in residential buildings. When you’re ready to hire a property manager, here are the characteristics you should look for:

1. Good Communication Skills

When looking for a good property manager, ensure they have good communication skills. A property manager should be able to communicate well with you, the tenants, and other members of the community.

Proper communication is also essential for maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your property manager. If you’re new to renting out an apartment or house, it’s essential that your manager can guide you through the process. A good property manager will help educate you on how to handle tenant issues and walk through any necessary paperwork required by law when dealing with tenants.

2.    Available When You Need Them

Being available whenever necessary is the second characteristic you should look for in a property manager. They should be able to answer questions or address concerns as soon as they come up. When searching for a property manager, ask how often they can meet with you, as well as how quickly they can respond to emails or phone calls.

A good property manager should also offer 24-hour service. If there’s an emergency at the property that needs immediate attention, they can help out immediately.

3. Good Problem-Solving Skills

It’d help if you’re looking for someone who’s a problem solver. They must be able to find solutions to problems that may arise. Such skills are essential because your tenants will likely come across various issues that need to be addressed, including plumbing or mold issues.

The property manager needs to be able to think outside the box to find solutions for these problems, as well as when working with other property managers and tenants.

4. Organized And Detail-Oriented

Organized and detail-oriented people are suitable for property management because being organized helps one to get things done more efficiently. Organized property managers will notice even the most minor problems that others might miss, which can help prevent costly repairs or other issues from happening in the future.

5. Empathetic

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It’s an essential skill for a property manager to possess as it helps them better serve their tenants. If a tenant feels heard and understood by their property manager, they’re more likely to listen to what that person has to say or be open with them about any issue that arises.

6. Has Integrity

Integrity is the quality of being honest, having strong moral principles, and adhering to those principles. Honesty is an essential quality for a property manager. This is because it’ll help you trust the property manager’s advice and make the right decisions that are best for your investment property.

7. Proactive

A proactive property manager will always be looking for ways to improve their professional relationship with you. For one, they’ll have an online portal for communicating with clients. This is important because it allows you to see all your messages in one place and respond to them quickly. It’s beneficial if you don’t have time to check your emails constantly or chat on the phone while working another job or running errands

Also, they should have a system in place, so everyone knows what and how much work needs to be done, as well as when certain tasks should be accomplished. It saves time otherwise spent trying to figure out where things belong.


Finding a good property manager can prove fulfilling for you as a buyer of a rental property. On the one hand, choosing the wrong one can also lead to the downfall of your real estate business. So, it’s essential to hire someone that has expertise in the field.

This article has enumerated all the great characteristics a property manager should have. As you talk to your prospects, ask them questions and observe how they conduct themselves in front of you and other people in order to determine if they, indeed, possess such traits. Once you find someone who ticks all the boxes, never let them go if you want your real investments to be a success!


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