6 Inspirations Of Kitchens Open To The Living Room

A kitchen open to the living room with a bar

Presented on a simple section of the wall that nestles under the diagonal of the staircase, this open kitchen alone defines the harmony of the room. Pure, it takes a few steps aside with the brass keys and the striated island. In the extension of this one, a dining table is added. Conviviality is assured in this exemplary achievement imagined by Heju Studio.

A small kitchen open to the living room

This small kitchen open to the living room does not have to envy its larger counterparts. Perfectly equipped, these two spaces are linked by their wall color: blue “SC284”, Ressource. For more comfort and fluidity, a bench is leaned against the back of the bar. An example of optimization and harmony to copy. 

A large kitchen open to the living room

In this large room which lets its materiality speak for itself, the kitchen opens onto a slender concrete table spread over two-floor heights to serve as both a dining table and a coffee table. The kitchen is structured around a central concrete island punctuated by wooden cupboards spread over the entire height and a terracotta splashback. A controlled combination of materials.

A kitchen integrated into the living room

Originally located at the other end of the apartment, the kitchen has been repatriated to create a bright and elegant double living room. Spread over the entire length of the wall, it relies on an assertive and balanced color scheme ready to offer a new dimension to the living room. This is enough to set the tone without overdoing it. 

A kitchen open to a living room with screens

Like an unstoppable common thread, pink weaves a skillful link between the kitchen and the rest of the living room. Installed in a marble niche, the workstation imposes an attenuated minerality thanks to the omnipresence of blond wood. The good idea? These open screens between the living room and the dining room are arranged to delimit without closing. 

A minimalist kitchen open to the living room

All in length, this apartment thwarts its slender proportions by focusing on the differences in levels. Thus, the lounge area is nestled below the kitchen, which is spread out over a platform. If the velvet bench hugging the shape of the steps breathes an opulent atmosphere, the open kitchen relies on minimalist and pure lines. A perfect match.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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