6 Examples Of Doors Decorated For Christmas

We want you to bring the beauty of Christmas also to the doors of your home. Those of the entrance, those of passage, and even those of the balconies!

A wooden door decorated for Christmas

And let everyone know that, in your home, Christmas is celebrated in style. Some wooden doors are the best frame to show off a wreath and a garland on it. Also, place a Christmas tree and you will see how neither your door – nor your house – go unnoticed.

Natural green

Natural motif wreaths look good on any door that hangs them on. For example, this green entrance door, where it seems that the leaves and branches of the crown blend into the background, creating a most Christmas-like relief effect.

A door decorated for Christmas to receive

Besides the tree, what other Christmas decorations can you put at home? Without a doubt, the crown is the queen of the Christmas decoration. Wish a happy holiday to everyone who knocks on your door without having to say a word. You will find very varied models but if you want to bet on the one you have ever seen, choose it with green fir branches adorned with small white pine cones, like this one in the image. Hang it from the front door without damaging it using galvanized wire lined with green tape and attach it to the peephole or doorknob.

Nothing like a crown to give life to a door

Another classic variety of Christmas door wreaths is the one that combines the typical colors: green and red. Choose a leafy plant arrangement so that the inner straw circle is not visible. Make a handle with a silver or gold satin ribbon and, in the absence of a peephole, hang it on the knocker, like on this rustic front door.

With a bow

To give a more elegant air to the Christmas decoration of your door, hang it from a bow in gold, ocher, or brown tones, as in this example

Also inside

In addition to the Christmas wreath on the front door, you can place one or more in the hall, as the decorator Dafne Vijande has done here. Copy the idea and hang one on the coat rack and one behind the door. Thus, you will surprise your guests when they leave their coats! To give uniformity to the decoration, choose the same crown model. You won’t damage the door if you hang the trim string with extra strong tape.

A rustic door with a very Christmas jingle

What if instead of the sound of the doorbell, the jingle of a bell rings? Isn’t that a great idea to decorate your front door for Christmas? Children will be amazed! To do this, decorate it with a crown and add a suggestive bell in the center. This one in the image is made of pine branches, paniculata, laurel, spikes, and red and gold berries. And it has been hung at the top of the door with a wide burlap webbing. Do you dare to make a Christmas wreath?

Also with snowy effect

Yes, just like Christmas trees, there are wreaths with a snowy effect. You can choose artificial ones —like the one in the image decorated with mini pineapples— or natural ones made with oats, natural wheat on a hay background. Hang it on a doorway helping you with it with a burlap ribbon adorned with gold lace or silk trimmings that you can find in haberdashery.

Natural details for a rustic door

Do you want to give a rustic look to your Christmas-decorated door? Place a Christmas wreath – which you can make yourself by inserting different branches into the ring. For this image, they have been chosen in different shades of green and red berries. And a very original pendant has been placed on the doorknob: a wooden slice that you can decorate with a Christmas motif. Secure both with twine to emphasize their rugged charm.

Christmas Decorated Doors: Details Matter

Do you like simple and delicate ornaments? You will then love this glass candle holder hanging from the golden doorknob with a green satin ribbon. The interior designer has adorned it with a bouquet of green branches and pink fruits tied with string. And it has introduced a golden floating candle, which illuminated fills everything with magic. Place the ornament on a doorway, the living room for example, and you will gain prominence.


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