6 Decorating Trends For 2021 You’ll Love

2021 has been loaded with interior design proposals that will renew our house and our life. 

We have never had so much hope in a year. 2021 has been loaded with new purposes, dreams, and good wishes. It is time to take stock of what the year that we have left behind has brought us and look at the new projects to come. Both personally and professionally, the beginning of the year is a new opportunity to rethink our goals. 

After the most fateful year in recent history (we are not saying it, experts say), we have placed all our hopes and illusions on 2021. It is time to leave all the bad behind and turn to the present. We put the negativity aside and renew our minds in search of positive thoughts and goals. The new proposals in interior design are loaded with new intentions and are committed to renovating our house from top to bottom. From the color of the walls to the lighting, to the coatings. There is no corner of the house that escapes the decorative trends for 2021

These are the 6 most important decorative trends that will turn our house upside down in 2021:

1. Round the table stretcher

2021 will undoubtedly be the year of the round tables. Updated designs were far removed from the stretcher table of our grandmothers, with noble materials such as wood or stone. They take up less space and can be very stylish.

2. Ton’s chair

The Czech firm has been creating furniture since 1861, but it is its chairs that have made a place for themselves in the Olympus of Nordic design. The 30 and 811 models are undoubtedly the icons of the firm and today they are still produced to decorate the homes of lovers of the most timeless design. There is no design house worth it’s salt that does not have one of its chairs.

3. Bows

Structural or embodied in furniture and objects, the arch will have more presence than ever in interior design during 2021. Carpets, chairs, lamps, doors… they will all end up passing through the arch. This architectural form is imposed in all the spaces of the house, but mainly in the entrances between rooms.

4. Kidney sofa

The old kidney-shaped sofas have inspired the most current furniture designers to create models with suggestive and rounded shapes that avoid symmetry. The upholstery with a shearling effect is the must of this season.

5. All green

Green is the color that will predominate in interiors during 2021. Water green, bottle green, petrol green… different shades that will bring freshness and sophistication to our homes in the form of furniture, objects, or directly on the walls.

6. Embossed tiles

The tiles with relief and three-dimensional textures open the doors to an infinite universe of possibilities to cover the walls of our bathroom and kitchen. Pieces of clay or porcelain that play with light to create unique effects and finishes. The trend colors this year are yellow and terracotta.


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