6 Creative Wooden Bed Models

The wooden bed is the most used model in a bedroom design. Unlike the box bed, it occupies a little more space in the room but brings us flexibility. In addition, it has the benefit of a more elaborate design depending on the room’s proposal. It may have a bigger border, a canopy, a footboard, a built-in nightstand, in short… there are many options to further personalize your environment.

The headboard can take on different styles according to personal taste. Hire a good cabinetmaker to have this design freedom so that it fits perfectly with the space available. Still, it is possible to find beautiful ready-made wooden bed models on the market. But, if the proposal is a modern and functional room, the idea of ​​a bespoke project is always the best option.

The wooden bed is well requested for those who like rustic decor since the material is one of the most appropriate and used in this decorative style. But another way to approach the wooden bed of this style is to invest in pallets or in the demolition wood itself. See here for wooden bedroom wall designs also.

Check out in this gallery how to compose an elegant wooden bed in your decoration and let your imagination flow:








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