50 Great Ideas: Bring In Some Yellow. Refresh Your Interior.

Since the spring has come your apartment needs a little refreshment. We suggest you yellow color. Why YELLOW? Because that is the color that lifts our spirits with no doubt.

When you choose to paint your walls in this color-Β  you must know that it is very hard to pick the right one. It may go on green shades,also it can be too pale and washed out. We prefer those yellows with a strong depth that makes it fresh again and again. Yellow has been, and it is very well known, classical choice for interiors. Why wouldn’t it be? It is refreshing, brings sun, with its warm and uplifting characteristics. One thing is sure, you can not resist it, and you are gonna love it. No matter where and how you set it up, it looks perfect.

There is a rule in decor that to get the elongating effect that will give the appearance of added height – just use vertical stripes. In order to gain a interior that is sunny and wide you can choose wallpapers with stripes in yellow color.

We also suggest very interesting idea : top the bottom in yellow! Even if you have painted your kitchen walls in yellow, don’t stop there. Very light shade of yellow can add a visual effect of a sunny cap on your already amazing kitchen. Do not be afraid of mixing yellow with other colors. It can be repeated even in the tone of a light oak flooring. The effect you get will createΒ  a cohesive look from your floor all the way to ceiling.


Open the door of your home for changes!


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