5 Tips To Have A Dreamy Bathroom

Stylish bathrooms in which comfort prevails. We leave you with a series of decorating tips to turn your bathroom into one of the favorite spaces in the house.

The bathroom has long ceased to be a simple place of passage to become a space that, in addition to personal care, can bring freshness and optimism through its style. But we know that getting it is not easy. How to decorate a bathroom in which we want to balance the modern with the old? How to do it to make it as comfortable as possible?

With the arrival of Covid-19, we spend more time at home and, of course, we also need to feel seclusion and comfort in any space, including the bathroom. That is why today, we do not want to lose sight of the opportunity to help you on this path: decorating your bathroom. But not only in terms of furniture, but also a series of tips that will help you make it the star space of the house, even an extension of the living room or bedroom.

1. Save space and improve hygiene with bidet toilets

We all want spacious bathrooms, dedicated to comfort and well-being. In fact, one of the tricks to achieve this is the good use of space, as well as improving the feeling of spaciousness, without implying having a huge bathroom. The key is a good design and betting on pieces such as bidet toilets, which not only save space by having two elements in one but also guarantee greater hygiene.

2. Break the established norms combining classics with the latest trends

Don’t think twice and dare to try, innovate, go beyond the basics and create your own exclusive bathroom. How to do it? You can use geometric shapes, defined lines, a return to the classics, a combination of textures …

A mix of styles to achieve a unique, personal and different bathroom is the key. The return to classic forms without losing the modernity of the collection The New Classic by Marcel Wanders, together with the geometry of the ceramic elements attenuated with the multicolored light of the plastic elements of Kartell by Laufen, designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba; and the D-shaped basin from the Sonar collection by Patricia Urquiola with its three-dimensional texture, inspired by the way sound travels through water, are perfect examples of what combining styles mean for the bathroom.

3. There is life beyond white and silver taps

To give the bathroom its own personality, the introduction of color is a good alternative. Let your imagination fly and take risks with such innovative proposals as the Kartell by Laufen taps in pink, which combines perfectly with the copper or titanium tones of the furniture, the Sonar collection by Patricia Urquiola for Laufen, so fashionable at the moment; gold, which has become essential in any classic-style bathroom; or in strong, sophisticated black, which makes the shape of the faucet stand out, especially on raw or white backgrounds.

4. Freestanding shower trays and bathtubs are compatible

There is no reason to give up if you can have it all. Combining the shower tray with the freestanding bathtub, allows you to enjoy the advantages offered by each of them according to what is needed at all times.

To make the right choice, Laufen has a wide range of Pro series shower trays that work in perfect harmony with the freestanding bathtubs of The New Classic, Sonar, Kartell by Laufen, Ino or Val, the designer’s favorite for their exquisite proportion reminiscent of Japanese wooden bathtubs.

5. The bathroom is the new living room, takes care of even the smallest detail

Another of the new trends that, in recent years, is being implemented strongly, is to conceive the bathroom almost as an extension of the living room or, at least, a part of the house to which you pay a lot of attention.

The bathroom is a space where we dedicate ourselves to ourselves, it is the room of the house where we revitalize ourselves with a good shower or relax with a sparkling hot water bath. It is also the only space where we find ourselves, so for Pepe Leal, it is essential to spend time decorating it, making it cozy, like any other room in the house is essential.

To do this, you can introduce an unusual element such as a framed painting or drawing, an upholstered chair, or dare with an old table where to put a bouquet of fresh flowers or your favorite candle. Another option is to use accessories that are, in addition to being functional, decorative such as round and rectangular trays.


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