5 Tips for Creating a Relaxing Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one room in the house in which you should be able to completely unwind. It’s the room in which you spend up to a third of your life asleep, and as sleep is so important for health and wellbeing, it’s important that the bedroom environment is conducive to rest.

However, with the amount of external distractions in modern day life, it’s sometimes hard to switch off and relax. Creating a beautiful bedroom environment in which to unwind can massively help, and here’s how:

The bed

As the central focus of the room, and where you’ll spend most time in your bedroom, the bed is by far the most important thing to think about.  Choosing the right sized bed for the room is the first challenge. Yes, a super king sized bed would be lovely, but if it dominates the room and leaves little room for other furniture or movement, it’s not going to work. Once the frame size is sorted, you can decide on the mattress. It’s important to find the right mattress for your body – everyone is different and the same mattress won’t necessarily be comfortable for everyone. It’s becoming much more popular (and cheaper) to buy a mattress online at sites like MattressNextDay.

For the sheets, try to go for neutral tones, and if possible, always opt for cotton sheets. The type of duvet that you choose is down to personal preference. A down duvet is extra warm but can cause allergies for some people.


The colour of your bedroom is completely down to personal preference. You can choose whatever colour you want, as long as you feel completely comfortable with it. Soft, neutral tones are relaxing and darker colours will help you to get to sleep.


The type of lighting you choose in your bedroom can have a huge effect on how easy it is to relax. Bright white down lighters are great in a photography studio, but in the bedroom they have no place. Try several lamps on each side of the room to create an ambiance and avoid fluorescent lights where possible.


The saying ‘tidy room, tidy mind’ applies here. If your bedroom is a cluttered mess, it’s hard to unwind and relax. Try to limit the amount of things you have in your bedroom to the absolute minimum, and try to keep it clean and tidy. Spending an hour once a week putting things away will help to create an area bursting with zen!


The same rule applies here as above. Less really is more when it comes to furnishing a bedroom, and minimalist decoration is a great way of creating a really relaxing space. Try adding a large house plant to breathe some life into the room. Photos of you favourite people and places will make the room your own personal little space which will help you to relax.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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