5 Things to Consider Before Building an Inground Pool

One of the benefits of owning your own home is that you can choose what features you want both inside and out. Although most families would love to have their very own inground pool, some can’t afford the cost and others don’t want the hassle of upkeep. If you are about to start getting estimates on what it will cost to have that pool you’ve always dreamed of owning built in your backyard, here are five things to consider before getting quotes from pool builders in your area.

1. Do You Have Ample Space?

One of the major problems many homeowners have, especially city dwellers is that they are working with a small, postage stamp sized lot. While you may really want an inground pool, will your backyard support the type of pool you want? You also may want to check with zoning and local codes to see if there are any size restrictions when building inground pools where you live.

2. Are There Little Children in the Home?

The next item on your agenda should be to consider safety if there are little children in the home. It only takes a moment for a little one to pass by you unawares and that could be a tragic event. Always ensure that you understand the different types of pool safety guards such as fencing and netting before opting for an inground pool. Check national leaders like Pool Guard USA to begin getting estimates on the type of protection you will need for the pool you want to have installed.

3. Do You Know the Different Types of Pools?

Another major consideration is that there are different types of pools available. Do you know the difference between vinyl, fiberglass and concrete pools? It is important to understand that there are pros and cons to each type of pool, so do know the difference before getting quotes. Not all pool installers can work with all three of those types of inground pools.

4. Is Maintenance Going to Be an Issue?

Speaking of the different types of pools, each type takes a different kind of maintenance and so you need to decide if your pool of choice will require more maintenance than you can provide. You might also want to check with pool service companies in your area to see if they service all types of pools, and if not, you know automatically which type of pool you don’t want!

5. Are You Working with a Limited Budget?

Then there is money to consider. Each of those types of pools cost different amounts by material and of course, also by size. Your budget may be a limiting factor. You can always get home loans for building your pool because they do add value to the property, but always ensure you are working within a manageable budget!

These are just five of the most common concerns you should address before getting quotes from local installers. Yes, you’ve always wanted an inground pool and now you finally have a home and the grounds to build the pool on, but is it feasible at this stage in your life? If you feel you can afford it and keep it safe from children and well-maintained, then go for your dream. There’s nothing like a dip in that pool you’ve always dreamed of, so go for it if that’s what makes you happy.


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