5 Things That Are “Must Have” For Cozy Living Room

The living room is the busiest room in every home, and although it looks pretty empty without a sofa, that is not the only detail that you need in this room. Namely, if you want your everyday stay to be really pleasant, to reflect your personality and at the same time acts warmly to your dear guests, read these simple but genius tips. We present you 5 necessary things that you must have in your cozy living room.

Memories and things that have ‘their story’

The space always becomes home, after you enter some personal things that mean something to you and hide a story from the past. A few pieces of antique pottery, vase or bakery bowl, can make a big difference in your modern home.

Books on the side table, or on the chair

Although it may seem that books on the club table in the living room will disturb the appearance of the living room and give it a cluttered look, the end result will be completely opposite. Except that these few books on the table can seem very cool, you will be very excited about attracting the attention of your guests from some of the corners of your home. Timeless art books are always a good option, but it’s not a bad idea about different journals.

Details and decorations

Even though your shelves may be full of different books, the whole scene will work quite gloomily if you do not refresh it with a some decorative details. Break the monotony with sculptural items. There are no restrictions when choosing – you can opt for decoration from ceramics, through various figurines, to the beautiful stone you found on the beach during your vacation.

Imposing carpet

Use a carpet in your home to add a layer of texture, color and patterns. This element, in the most rooms, in the middle, inevitably is becoming the central decorative object. It is best to choose a carpet in neutral colors with interesting texture, and a pattern with bright colors or even with a graphic print.

Decorative pillows

At first glance they do not seem as an important element, but apart from being very efficient, cheap and effective, decorative pillows can cover the old couch that should be changed soon, and are great for giving a little color and playfulness to the room, without overdone. If you do not know where to start, try to pair some neutral patterns with pillows in some vibrant but complementary colors.


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