15 Marvelous Living Room Designs In Modern Style That Are Worth Seeing

Modern living rooms do not imply just one style of interior design. Thus, beside modern, they will be characterized as minimalist decorated rooms, retro living rooms, rooms decorated in rustic style, as well as those with intentionally chosen “kitsch” elements. Make your living room a modern one, following the trends for decorating the walls. Stickers are the easiest and simplest solution. They will transform every space and will give it another dimension. The living room with wallpaper on one wall, is back in trend, only this time, with more intense motifs. Nowadays it’s really a huge offer of wallpaper designs, and surely you will find what suits the best, the interior of your living room. The walls of the living room can be even more attractive, using artificial stone, or decorative relief panels. But our recommendation is: use this kind of wall decorations for only one wall in the living room or even just one part of the wall.

Modern furniture is usually with straight lines, polished surfaces and geometric patterns and shapes. They are distinguished by neutral colors – white, gray and black. Of course, a focal point is always desirable, which can be an impressive art piece, an antique table or maybe an old coffee table. If you chose a traditional set of floral or carved patterns, combine them with other furnishings in neutral-colored rooms. Check out below some beautiful modern living rooms, which will inspire you to decorate your own!


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