5 Simple Home Security Improvements You Can Do Yourself

Everyone should feel safe when they are at home, that is the least one should expect. This is a place where you should be able to relax and have fun with your family. Whether you are living on your own or you have small kids, there are improvements you can make to ensure this is the case. You do not have to pay a fortune for fancy security systems. Instead, here are five simple home security improvements you can make today.

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Install Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

There are some easy ways you can deter burglars from coming near your home at night. One of them is installing outdoor lights that have motion sensors. This means that it is going light up when movement is detected. This can be enough to scare away anyone that is trying to approach your home. They know that it is going to capture your attention and bring the focus onto them. It can also give you peace of mind and know that there is no one outside your door when the sun goes down and the light does not go off. The best places to install motion sensor outdoor lights are at the front and back doors, outside a garage and anywhere with an entry point. They are simple to wire up.

Get a Safe

In the event that someone breaks into your home, how secure are your most valuable items? Even if you have insurance, your policy might mean that you only get a replacement cost if they are stolen. To learn more about the replacement cost definition, click here. Therefore, investing in a safe can be an easy and affordable way to protect your valuables when you leave home. A lot of them are fire-resistant and waterproof, as well as being heavy to prevent burglars taking them. Ensure you know how to secure them properly and they are ready to use. If they have a generic passcode, make sure that you change this.

Use Security Cameras

A lot of people are under the impression that CCTV cameras are expensive. However, this is not always true. There are a lot of security cameras you can purchase online to add to your security. You do not always have to hire a company to come out and install them for you. Instead, you can buy your own security cameras on the internet. For example, there are outdoor cameras you can use to monitor your property. They are going to connect to your smartphone and send you live images of your home. You can view them inside your house or if you are out somewhere. You can receive notifications and a lot of cameras have night vision.

In addition, some people are choosing to set up cameras inside their homes too. This is in the event that someone breaks in and it can be used as evidence. This can be a good idea if you have valuables that you are worried about. Again, these cameras can connect to your smartphone and be viewed at any time. Some can also play warning sounds and alarms to scare away any intruders that are inside your home.

Install a Video Doorbell

Do you worry about who is at your front door? Perhaps it is time to get a video doorbell. While you can get a peephole, this requires you to walk to the front door, which you might not want to do. In addition, if you have glass on your front door, you may not want anyone to know that you are home. The good thing is, with a video doorbell security camera, you can see exactly who is there knocking. The doorbell has a camera on it that allows you to see the visitor. You can choose whether you want to answer the door or not. What’s more, a video doorbell can send you notifications when you are not home too. You can know if you have had someone on your property or if you have missed a package from your delivery man. Notifications and live video can be seen on your smartphone from anywhere. In some cases, you can also speak through your smartphone to the person at the door.


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