5 Mistakes That We Make When We Decorate a Bedroom

We usually spend one third of the day in the bedroom, and that is one third of our lives, so it need to be decorated with all rules and regulations for quality and comfortable sleep. But there are some rules that we should observe, and there are also a few errors that persistently we do, and don’t know that they are harmful.

1. Mixture of Several Bold & Heavy Colors

Although the interior design & colors throughout the house should make up a whole, when it comes to some tough and bold colors for a bedroom, it is desirable to make an exception. The calming & monochromatic palette with the presence of shadows enables relaxed mood, and that is all we need in the bedroom. The soft green, creme, blue and lavender color create a sense of calm and tranquility, and rich shades of brown and dark red can enrich your bedroom with a sense of warmth. The rest of the colors of the palette such as yellow, dark red and bold orange keep them for the other rooms.

2. Setting Unsuitable Pieces of Furniture

Big pieces of furniture are always wrong unless your bedroom is too big.Β  Too little furniture can also be a problem because you get lost in space, and it will be nonfunctional. The bed and the nightstand should be proportionate. For higher bed – higher nightstand. To not make mistakes in the dimensions of the furniture, when you buy furniture you should to keep in mind the dimensions of the room. You can also make a sketch of the bedroom to make the perfect deployment of the furniture pieces.

3. You Forgot To Add Place for Relax

Sometimes when it is not time for bed, and you are not so tired you can read some book or get a cup of tea. For that reason you need to have some comfortable chair or armchair where you can spend some free time. If it is enough space, it is good to put a table and lamp for reading, placed in the unused corner of the room or at the end of the bed. If you do not have enough space in the bedroom, you can set the built-in window seat that will allow you to view the outside and natural light.

4. Almost Always You Forgot How Important Is The Light

Although the bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, you need to have proper lighting that will enable successful execution of all activities. Basically it need to have a head – ceiling lights and other sources of direct (focused light) for reading and other activities. The illumination on many levels and in different places creates a warm and romantic atmosphere. The best is light with intensity that can be adjusted, depending on the time of day and mood. Curtains should be able to move easily to allow natural light to enter in the room. If you engage in a thinner, transparent curtains you can combine them with blinds.

5. Usually Conserve Storage Space in The Bedroom

The existence of such storage items that will perform the role of the various tables, and will be hidden in the room brings a sense of calm in the bedroom. Here are some useful options: choose bedside tables with doors and drawers where you store magazines, reading glasses and so on. Place the nightstand at the end of the bed where they can hold pillows or bedding. If possible, make some built-in shelves in the bed. Set closets built into the walls and you can save a lot space and will be protect from mess.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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