5 Eco-Friendly Home Updates for Your Renovated Home

If you have already embarked on a home renovation project, you probably have the perfect opportunity to start living a greener life. The green home renovation is possible if having some smart choices and budget. This kind of renovation will save money in future costs and will reduce your impact on the environment.

There are only three mantras you need to learn so you can live a more sustainable life and those are reduce, reuse, and recycle. We get to the point now of how to achieve the green home renovation on a budget in the easiest way. Here we go, focus on the first mantra – reduce, so start reducing water consumption, reduce energy and bills. The list goes on and on, and we have the perfect 5 updates sharing with you in this moment.

1. Reduce Water Usage in the Shower

Start by taking shorter showers, even though for some people out there taking long showers are a hard habit to break. No matter the habit, just try. It will become transformation in time, we guarantee. Now, the best way yo reduce water usage in the shower to simply restrict the water flow. Replacing the showerhead with a new water-saving showerhead is the best way to start the process, because this will slow the flow of water and is the cheapest and easiest way and option.

2. Reduce or Modify Taps to Save Water

Replace the leaky taps around the home and place new taps that restrict the water flow. Or there is alternative idea, just screw on aerators to the end of each tap, and this is a simple DIY project that will reduce flow rate while aerating the water and decrease your daily water usage.

3. Say Goodbye to the Old Dunny

Did you ever know that the old dunny flushes away 10 to 12 liters of precious water at a time? But you know that the older toilets only have a single-flush button, whereas modern toilets have a dual-flush system which greatly reduces water wastage. So, the modern toilet flush uses as 3 liters and the ‘number 2’ flush around 6 liters. Yes, you can now see the difference, right? That’s why old-fashioned dunny is no longer making sense economically and environmentally.

4. Save With Led Lighting

What about the overhaul of the electrical system for bringing it in line with the modern safety standards? When you consider to install LED lighting at the same time and get rid of all of your old traditional light bulbs, you get to save more. LED lights have higher purchase price but trust us it’s just an offset by the benefits they deliver over time. The benefits are lower maintenance and reduced energy usage, and also replacement cost due to theirΒ  longer life cycle compared to traditional light bulbs.

5. Appliance with High Energy Ratings

Choose appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, dryers, that have high energy rating. Why? Simply because these can significantly reduce your daily household energy use. With dishwashers and washing machines, look for those that also have a high WELS rating.

This is how we save the planet, one household at a time!Β 



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