5 Bathroom Design Flaws to Avoid

Planning is key for a successful bathroom design, whether remodeling or installing a new bathroom. When designing a functional bathroom, you need to consider various factors, such as style, vanity, and even a towel warmer or handtuchradiatoren if you are looking for Swiss quality. We are past that era when a three-bedroom house only required a single bathroom. Now people yearn for more privacy in a bathroom that is beautiful, spacious, and comfortable for the user. Here are five design flaws you can avoid to ensure you get nothing short of a perfect and functional bathroom.

Inadequate Ventilation

Ensure proper ventilation to avoid mold, mildew, and other unpleasant effects of high humidity. To properly ventilate your bathroom, having a window alone won’t do. You will need an exhaust fan to expel odors and moisture from your bathroom without interference. If your bathroom is bigger, you should consider installing two fans. Additionally, ensure your ventilation enhancers are spinning high enough at RPMs for air to circulate effectively.

Toilet Exposure

When you think about it, the toilet isn’t the first thing you’d want to see when walking into the bathroom. Additionally, it helps if you position it where it is sightless from adjacent rooms. We recommend separating the toilet and the shower in the bathroom. You can include a wall that is only a couple of inches in your bathroom floor plan to make it work. Additionally, keep the sink separate to allow two people to use the bathroom at once. If you have a less spacious bathroom, try placing the toilet seat out of the way. A common choice is to place it between the vanity and the wall.

Overlooking Lighting

When planning your bathroom design, the lighting should be at the onset of your project. Spending time in a dark, damp bathroom with poor ventilation is no fun. If your bathroom location doesn’t have room for a window, consider roof windows or operable skylights for lighting and ventilation. Additionally, incorporate task lighting and spotlights, which can be dimmed to create a relaxing environment. Softer lights are a simple and effective way of instantly achieving a serene and calm space.


It is important to accurately measure and double-check the space to be used before buying your bathroom fixtures. The last thing you’d want is a bath or a toilet that isn’t fitting. Instead, select compact fittings and reflective finishes for a small bathroom to maximize space.

Your Bath Tub Location

The bathroom is an intimate room, so the bath location should be private and away from public eyes. The line of sight should also not directly face common or shared spaces, such as the living room or lounge area.


While remodeling your bathroom is an exciting and creative venture, the responsibility and pressure that comes with it can be overwhelming. And nothing ruins space like a faulty design. However, if it is well-planned and has adequate light and proper ventilation, your bathroom will offer you a sense of relaxation and calmness.


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