3 Simple Steps To Perfectly Organize Your Work Desk

Your work is late. Your business is stuck. Projects pile up and are there a creative block preventing you from taking action and giving your best? When this kind of thing lingers in your everyday life to the point where you feel down, stuck and discouraged, something needs to be done!

But calm down! Take a deep breath as it must just be a mess that is shuffling her mind and preventing her from flowing as it should.

While it may seem easy to stay in an organized environment, performing this task is difficult without help or even if you have to do everything yourself. And it may not seem like it now, but your organized work desk can make you do much more. So, see here, in this article, how to get your work desk organized in three simple steps and, thus, free the channel of your creative mind.


Put projects after projects on your desk and, when you notice, you don’t even remember what you had to do. To get your mind flowing and possible anxiety and nervousness to pass, you must re-evaluate your process. For that, here’s how to organize your mind before thinking about leaving your work desk organized :

  • Get an agenda, notebook or sticky note pad.
  • Make a flowchart on your bedroom wall, on your fridge door, or somewhere that is prominently displayed in your work.
  • In this flowchart, choose the tasks you need to perform according to the categories that you find most feasible for you. They can be in the order of delivery, in order of time to be executed or even in order of order. One financial management technique that can be used here is to solve your problems from smallest to largest. Like small rivers that flow into larger rivers until they reach the seas and oceans.


With an organized flowchart, it’s time to clean up. Everything you haven’t used for at least a month and you don’t have any plans to use it in the next projects, take it out of your sight. If it’s something you don’t use anymore, throw it in the trash. Don’t get attached to things. Free yourself from it. The more stuff you have to use, the harder it will be to keep your desk tidy

A very important point here is to know that the minimum is more than necessary. Some design thinking ideas, that is, creative problem solving, the more you can take and keep the usefulness of a product or service, the closer it will be to perfection. This means that the less material you have on your desk and you can still keep your workflow going without breaks, the better your performance, and your productivity.

Gradually, you will realize that your work desk, organized or not, will always be a reflection of how you work. An uncluttered desk keeps the view open. It’s like trying to look at the horizon but having a dense forest in front of you. You will only see trees, branches and weeds. Then, little by little, get everything you don’t need out of your way.


Make your bed. Get your house in order first thing in the morning when you leave for work. If it’s a home office, leave the room. But before that, tidy it up. Regardless of where your office is, once you’ve left the places you passed well organized and aligned, your mind will start to clear ideas and one thing will lead to another. Once this becomes a habit, you’ll never have to think about keeping your desk tidy.

The power of habit is very strong. It may not seem like it, but he is the one who will make things in your life line up the way you want. Gradually, by keeping your bed, your house, your car, and your work desk organized, you will notice that your mind is gradually getting organized, your things are flowing and your projects are being finished in the best possible way. Any level of anxiety or worry will dissipate and your creativity will soar.


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