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The exterior is a real asset in everyday life in summer. Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, you want to take care of it. And as for the interior, you may want to create a very special decor atmosphere. What is interesting when looking at the idea of ​​the atmosphere is that we can trust a common thread that we will decline in different ways. Furniture, furnishings, decoration, lighting, planting… Everything in the garden creates a special atmosphere. In this article, we suggest you take a closer look at 3 different atmospheres. A 100% natural garden, an urban and colorful exterior, and an outdoor Zen garden conducive to daily recharging.


Natural is popular at the moment and not only inside the house. This decorative atmosphere also finds its place outdoors. And even if it seems natural to highlight this characteristic, it was not the case a few years ago. What we like about this atmosphere in the garden is that it is relaxing. Natural harmony is simple and consistent. So how do you make the garden more natural?
The first thing to do is to use wood to furnish the garden rather than polluting materials like plastic. It is enough to treat the raw wood against humidity and fungi so that it does not move a bit for several years. Most of the outdoor furniture is already treated to guarantee better longevity. Outdoor games for children, for example, are often made of plastic. The sandbox, the swing, the cabin at the bottom of the garden can be made of wood. And if you find that it lacks a little color, you can very well apply a stain or paint.
We can also play the diversity card: Flowers, plants, vegetables, shrubs.. Give meaning to everything you plant in the garden. A shrub will shade a variety more sensitive to sunlight. The flowers will attract bees and other insects for pollination. And good news, the vegetable patch is no longer intended for owners of large gardens. There are small vegetable plots for small terraces or balconies. The positive point of this atmosphere is that it is very difficult to make a mistake. Even if you don’t feel like a landscaper, naturalness is very accessible in the garden. Wood, eco-friendly materials, a desire to do well and that’s it!



Not everyone aspires to play the outdoors card. Another atmosphere that we appreciate is more urban, more colorful. It is suitable for large gardens as well as small balconies. There are practical pieces of furniture that can be stored easily, such as a folding table or stackable chairs. We will find the color to create a dynamic outdoor universe. The urban atmosphere is an invitation to have an aperitif with friends in the middle of the week. It is also synonymous with warm evenings that last until late at night. The positive side of choosing an urban decoration to decorate your terrace or balcony is that you can gradually develop your outdoor decor. As it is a colorful atmosphere, we do not need to buy a lot of decorative items for the result to be visible quickly. It’s interesting when you have a small budget devoted to landscaping the garden. And if you opt for colorful flower pots, they can be used to decorate the interior when autumn is coming to an end.


Last outdoor atmosphere for this article, the Zen atmosphere. Nothing new about this atmosphere but it is coming up to date. More and more people are looking to recharge their batteries and find a balance. Meditation is becoming more and more popular. And the garden is an ideal space to practice it.  But how does a garden filled with tranquility work?
You have to go in search of harmony thanks to simple furniture with soft shapes. Harmony will also be found in the colors chosen. Unlike the previous style where you energize your outdoor space with bright colors, here, we will seek to create softness and serenity. And as for the interior, neutral colors will allow you to create this timeless atmosphere. In addition, we can perfect this atmosphere with decorative accessories that will allow you to meditate or relax, like a chime that will tint in the sandstone of the wind. Gardening is also a very good lever for meditation, it forces us to be fully present in what we do and to adapt to the rhythm of nature. Meditation can take many forms, you don’t necessarily have to be cross-legged on an uncomfortable floor. Sometimes you just have to take a coffee break in a garden chair to meditate.
The positive point in creating a Zen atmosphere in the garden is that even in winter, this atmosphere decorates your home sweet home. The induced simplicity makes all the charm of this type of exterior. They are timeless gardens in every sense of the word!



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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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