3 Hotel Bathrooms, 3 Great Ideas

The design hotels and guest homes that are currently in style were created by the most talented architects and have come to symbolize their time, style, trends, and inspirations. These establishments use current norms to better sublimate them. Terracotta in some, Riviera influence in others, controlled purity here, exaggerated quirkiness there the chance to explore the most exquisite hotel bathrooms and continually be inspired.

Enhance a bathroom with an original basin

The basin is a key component of the bathroom and serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. Whether it is built-in or free-standing, round, square, or rectangular, it contributes to the ambiance of the bathroom. The Moulin’s owners have chosen an old shell-shaped basin to provide a pleasing contrast to the bathroom’s green tiles. a regulated original outcome that won’t make us unhappy.

To adopt: a slightly traditional bathroom, use a dish from a trip or a mottled set as a basin.

Install the bathroom under the roof

The bathroom in the attic is not as charming. This bathroom, installed beneath the Parisian roofs and furnished only with a vintage bathtub, generates a very peaceful aura. The use of golden fixtures and skillfully combined white and powder pink attics create a calming, almost boudoir feel.

To adopt: on the top floor of a family home with a clear view of the surrounding area.

Terracotta in the bathroom

Terracotta draws an irresistible furrow into our homes with a managed combination of textures, cuts, and hues, and is equally admired for both its originality and its raw nature. It is at the top of the list of materials to use in the bathroom since it is useful, affordable, and adaptable due to the availability of its fired, raw, or enameled versions. Terracotta breathes a startling refinement into the credenza, a part of the wall, the cellar, or the floor.

To adopt: Combine with striated wood to play the overall, modern appearance card.


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