Newly built Danish summer house but with an old soul

The owners of this house wanted a classic Danish summer house, but instead, they built a modern version with the necessary technology.

When they bought this house they thought that a renovation would be enough to give it a new look but there was dampness in the foundations and in the end they had to demolish the old house and build a new one.

The result is this beautiful 104 mΒ² wooden holiday home, painted black on the outside and white on the inside with a Nordic decoration that combines lots of white with wood and natural tones.

The natural decoration goes very well with this type of living, which is usually found in nature in small towns far from big cities, where people seek relaxation and relaxation in a healthier environment.

It is not a decoration that is difficult to imitate, you have to reduce the colour palette to sand, wood, beige and white tones, look for natural fibres in accessories and textiles and limit the number of pieces of furniture.

And if the inside is interesting, the outside even more so, with that beautiful wooden terrace accessed directly from the kitchen, do you like it?





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