22 Genius Handmade Pallet Furniture Designs That You Can Make By Yourself

There are numerous reasons why handcrafting furniture and other useful gadgets for your home is something that you should take up as soon as you have some spare time. One of the most important things about handcrafting your own furniture is of course the fact that you save a lot of money by reusing old stuff and turning it into something useful which you would have bought for a lot of money otherwise. Another reason linked to this is cleaning up. By reusing old stuff, such as old wood pallets that are taking up your storage space or sitting in your backyard, you actually clean up stuff that you hadn’t used for a long time without throwing it away, and of course ending up with new handmade pallet furniture.

But the biggest award that you get from handcrafting your own furniture is not material. When you know that you are using something that you have done entirely by yourself, you are going to feel more confident a bit more proud of yourself. And of course, you can brag to your friends how handy you are and how much money you have saved by reusing old stuff.

And that is exactly what we are going to show you in our latest collection of 22 Genius Handmade Pallet Furniture Designs That You Can Make By Yourself.
The aim of this collection is to give you a lot of ideas about ways you can turn old pallet wood into new handmade pallet furniture such as a coffee table made from pallet wood or maybe a book shelf or wine rack that you can actually use in your home or as patio furniture for your backyard or garden. Enjoy!

Handmade Pallet furniture – Shelf

Pallet Buffet/Sofa Table

outdoor sofa

Antique Pallet or Skid Coffee Tables on Hairpin Legs

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Shelf

Artisan Designed Pallet Coffee Table

Adirondack Chair Outdoor Patio Furniture

Pallet night stand

Pallet lounge chair

Outdoor Bar and Saloon

kitchen shelf

Bathroom Towel Rail Cabinet

Captains Chair made from pallets and stained crimson and indigo

wine shelf

Rustic Pallet Shoe Tray

Personalized Pallet Dog Bed

dog bowl stand

Reclaimed Pallet Wine Rack

Upholstered Crate Ottoman

Pallet Shelving

Table made with pallets

Coat holder with shelves


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