21 Really Inspiring Makeshift Closet Designs For Small Spaces

Good closet allows easy access to all that is in it. The most common is in the L shape. The trends are closets that are simple and made from natural materials. Glass doors of the closer will visually increase the size of it, and will also allow unobstructed natural light. For modern wardrobe beside the glass doors, you should buy commodes on wheels, small tables and ottoman that can easily be moved. The floor should not be covered with carpet. Beside that your closet should be fashionable, it need to be easy to clean.

But if you don’t have enough space for closet, but you still want to make something creative that will store your clothes, we have an amazing proposal for you. You can make makeshift closet in any part of your room. There you can hang your clothes on hangers, and it will be some kind of open closet. Beside the good look, you will have extra storage space for your clothes. Now see some inspirational examples and find idea how to implement that in your home!


Image via Alex Lukey Photography


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