21 Beautiful Feminine Bedroom Ideas That Everyone Will Love

The choice of colors and elements in the bedroom should create a private space that will expresses your inner desires. For many of us, the bedroom is the place where we find a hiding place to relax and rest. Today people want to simplify their lives. This trend is often reflected on the decorations of the bedroom and around the home. Accordingly, it should be decorated to express your being in the selection of colors, patterns, furniture, lighting or fragrances. But be careful with the colors of the curtains, walls, etc. because overcrowding leads to chaos. That would mean that it would create chaos in your head as soon as you wake up from a dream and all day will go wrong. So leave some empty space and set it for “resting your eyes”.

Also in the bedroom, do not place devices such as TV, computer, because their negative radiation and disturbing the peace. However, small ideas can completely alter the look of the room, such as buying a new bed, shelves or a detail, or you can improvise, and add personal touch to your bedroom.

If you are decorating feminine bedroom, you should take care to use soft colors and materials, to make it pleasant and feminine. Pastel colors are ideal for feminine bedrooms, but you can use other colors also, just need to use them properly. To achieve cozy atmosphere which will reminiscent of feminine, you need to add some decorative details. If you are wondering how to do that, check out below, and you will find out in the following collection!


Image via Mark Pinkerton


Image via John Bessler


Image via Gordon Beall


Image via Jonathan Bloom and Boaz Lavie


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