The kitchen is undoubtedly the centre of the house. We prepare family meals there on special occasions, gather with friends there for nice wine and discussion while snacking, and make pancakes there on Sunday mornings. Because it may improve everyday routines and undoubtedly raise the home’s worth in the future, the kitchen is where most homeowners start when planning to renovate their homes.

The sole issue? Finding the design of your new kitchen might be a little stressful because there are so many different trends, examples, types of furniture and countertops, materials, and coatings. Due to the sheer quantity of photographs, you’ll find on Pinterest, it can be difficult to find inspiration and examples there. In addition, you’ll want to reproduce every single one of the kitchen ideas you find on our site.

These are the trends that both designer kitchens and homes like ours will be following in 2023. Take careful note and consider whether you like it or whether it may have crossed your mind already. If you want to remodel or renovate your kitchen, now is the time. Go forwards fearlessly and take use of a kitchen for all of your best times.


The finest thing you could do for your kitchen adds open layouts “because they provide the kitchen a breather.” Designers like to use open shelves to divide a room rather than heavy wall-to-wall tops because, in their words, “it gives a little of interest to the area and provides relief between lots of cabinets closed with doors.”

For his clients to showcase their distinct collections and inject a little of their personality into the kitchen, the open display trend is one of the reasons interior designers think it’s here to stay. Kitchen shelves offer a perfect place for these artefacts to be displayed, whether the collector enjoys collecting ceramics from their travels, antique cookie jars, or china mugs.


Put an end to those tiny, crowded pantries! According to Rideau, practical pantries will become more and more popular in 2023. He also refers to an area that offers additional workspace in addition to being used for product storage.
These extra pantries, which are essentially the modern counterpart of a butler’s pantry, keep your kitchen clutter-free while still letting you use your favourite appliances when you need them.


Rideau advises requesting a plaster or drywall hood that is framed and painted the same colour as the wall to accomplish this look, “so it blends in and disappears.” He adds that he may tile the area around the range hood and create a backsplash to make everything blend in with the wall.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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