20 Super Functional Corner Kitchen Designs Suitable For Small Spaces

Suitable for small spaces and arranging them, small corner kitchens are convenient for apartments and houses that have lack of space. If it is small, it doesn’t mean that it should be unfunctional, you’ll put everything into the small kitchen, the same as in a large spacious one, here even sometimes you can have better organized place, due to the fact that everything will be on hand.

Other positive characteristic is that also small corner kitchen are very convenient if you are planning a kitchen in the attic. They are very functional and certainly will take advantage of every inch of the space that you specify for the kitchen. It is very important for small kitchen to take care about proper lighting, because you should not make it look like the entire space around you is cramped and dark. If you do not have a window, invest in a good lighting. You can also on one of the walls put a mirror and also give depth to the space. Image with a clear theme and bright colors can also give freshness to any small area. In addition you can see some beautiful examples of small corner kitchen which are decorated perfectly!


Image via Eric Roth Photography


Image via Susan Teare


Image via Barry Calhoun Photography


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