20 Splendid DIY Christmas Decor Ideas You’ll Definitely Want To Try

Have you stocked up on Christmas decorations already? Why not? It is not too early, in fact you might be late if you wish to craft your own DIY Christmas decor instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on overpriced decorations at the stores. The worst part is that they are not even remotely unique and innovative. That is why we’ve gathered a collection of beautiful DIY decorations that you can craft for this Christmas. There are all kinds, big and small, but that doesn’t matter since you’ll have plenty of time to make them if you start now.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY festive decor in which we’ll show you 20 Splendid DIY Christmas Decor Ideas You’ll Definitely Want To Try. Spice up your Christmas atmosphere with some of the following projects. They are extremely simple and easy to make, yet they will bring unique decor elements to your Christmas theme. Take a look at them and follow the instructions if you need any help. Enjoy!

1. Christmas Star Ornaments

2. Peppermint Twist Wreath

3. Joy and Love Pillow Covers

4. Scarf Wreath

5. Ornament Piñatas DIY Christmas Decor

6. Keepsake Ornament

7. Paper Christmas Lights Garland

8. Custom Vintage Christmas Lights

9. Homemade Paper Ball Ornaments

10. Mason Jar Christmas Tree

11. Ribbon Candy Wreath

12. Keepsake Capsule

13. String Snowballs

14. Felt Stockings

15. Pom Poms and Pinecones Christmas Ornaments

16. Merry Christmas Garland

17. “Merry” Burlap DIY Christmas Art

18. Drop Cloth Stockings

19. Tree Wall Shelf

20. Broken CD Ornament


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