20 Sensational Traditional Swimming Pool Designs That Simply Invite You For A Dip

It is difficult to talk about awesome outdoor activities that you can do on your own property without suggesting to take a dip in your private swimming pool. But, you probably don’t have one. Now that’s a shame but it doesn’t mean that you can’t own a private swimming pool. If you can afford it, you can easily have one. But don’t just choose any generic water basin and call that a swimming pool. We’re going to show you what a traditional swimming pool can offer to you and it is a lot more than just a body that holds the water in.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we’ve featured 20 Sensational Traditional Swimming Pool Designs That Simply Invite You For A Dip. Check them out and you will see that a swimming pool is a lot more than just the pool. It must connect seamlessly with the deck, patio and landscape of your backyard or garden. Only then you will have the complete luxurious experience in your own backyard. Enjoy!

1. Traditional Pool House

2. Atherton Mansion

3. SW Marine


4. Luxury Lakehouse

5. Traditional Swimming Pool

6. Riverdale, NJ

7. French Country House

8. Carriage House Revision

9. 1950 Ranch Style


10. Safety Harbor Oasis


11. Navesink River Road Residence

12. Grand Haven

13. Audubon House


14. Eatonville

15. Oakton Backyard Retreat

16. Gladwyn Residence

17. Surrounded by elegant landscaping

18. Chambliss Residence in Newport Beach, California

19. Modern Farmhouse

20. Backyard Getaway


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

Fidan Jovanov

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