20 Marvelous Indoor Swimming Pool Designs That Everyone Should See

If you decide to, or you are thinking about building an indoor swimming pool, must be aware that this is a very demanding project with system installations and devices that must comply in all segments, including standard installation and equipment of the entire building. In relation to the outdoor pool, basic differences are mandatory installation of dehumidification, heating of swimming pool water, and very often, and automatic control and dosing of chemicals for disinfection of the swimming pool water. The construction of the pool can be made of any material, but they are still mostly reinforced concrete pools coated with ceramic or foil.

Being in the pool area constantly high moisture content, it requires the installation of devices for dehumidification, but even more important is the way of building the pool area, which must be carried out respecting the principles arising from the physics of the construction, ie physics of the building materials that must be used in
these areas. These requirements substantially increase the cost of construction and equipment of the indoor swimming pool, and we recommend you to be thoroughly informed about the cost of building such a facility. In our collection below, you can see some functional indoor swimming pools, that surely will catch your eye. Take a look below, and find inspiration!


Image via Tony Murray


Image via Aaron Bailey Photography


Image via Robert Frith


Image via Peter Corcoran Photography



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