20 Irresistible DIY Chandelier Designs That You Shouldn’T Miss

Do you have a monotonous, simple ceiling lights in the living room? You do not have to go in search of a new chandelier, but you can enrich the old one in an effective way. Here we will show you how. If you currently do not have money or ideas how to choose a chandelier for the living room, we’re here to help. In particular, we recommend DIY projects also to those currently living as renters: certainly do not want to buy a new chandelier that may not fit into your future nest!

Considering that lighting plays an important role in the interior, creativity is always welcome. Did you know that you can make creative chandelier in just a few minutes? We suggest 20 ideas how to make fascinating chandelier as from design magazines and in the same time to enter both interesting and effective detail in your home, and all that without spending a lot of money. All these 20 incredible chandeliers from the list are actually “do it yourself” projects from talented people and creative artists, and we are sure that will inspire you and will create your own original work of art for your home!


Tags: chandelier design, diy, diy chandelier

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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