20 Dazzling Mid-Century Modern Patio Ideas You Won’t Be Able To Resist

If there is one thing we know about summer, it is the fact that staying inside is just not an option. No, I’m not talking about it getting very hot inside, the air conditioning takes care of that. But can you seriously stay inside when the weather out there is just so appealing? It seems to be dragging us outside but you really need to have a tidy patio set up already in order to be able to enjoy staying in your outdoor areas for extended periods of time.

Have a look into our latest compilation of outdoor designs in which you are going to see 20 Dazzling Mid-Century Modern Patio Ideas You Won’t Be Able To Resist. These designs are truly spectacular and you are going to enjoy each and every one of them, but more importantly, you will have the opportunity to find ideas that might help you transform your outdoor areas. Of course, as part of our ongoing showcase, do make sure to have a look at the rest of the mid-century modern outdoor areas such as theΒ porch, deck and landscape. Enjoy!

1. Oakpass in Beverly Hills, CA

2. Quimby Residence

3. Madison Park Ranch House

4. River Oaks Modern

5. Campton Residence

6. Mill Valley Home

7. Mid-Century Renovation

8. Stratford Hills

9. Modern Ranch House

10. Tuscany Mid-Century Modern

11. Mid-century modern patio

12. Modern Alfresco Seating Area

13. Silvertop

14. San Jose Eichler 3

15. Staging Project in Los Feliz

16. Mid-Mod Oasis in the City

17. Houston Mid-Century

18. Saul Zaik House

19. Rancho Mirage Mid-Century Modern

20. Butterfly House


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