20 Spectacular Mid-Century Modern Deck Designs That Will Make You Love Summer

Just how much do you enjoy summer? Do you love it only because that’s the best time to go out to a vacation by the sea? How about a hike to the local mountain range? Well, there are tons of reasons to love summer and one that might not be very well-known is lounging in your own backyard. It can be the most relaxing thing to do everyday during spring and summer, but in order to be able to do it, you will need to transform your outdoor areas and give them a beautiful mid-century modern deck that will be able to facilitate social and lounging areas.

Welcome to a new compilation of ideas in which you are going to see these 20 Spectacular Mid-Century Modern Deck Designs That Will Make You Love Summer. As mentioned above, the outdoor areas need to be able to provide you with spaces that will allow you to both relax on your own and entertain guests. This way it will become the primary space for the duration of the summer. Of course, the deck is just the start, so stay tuned to this new showcase of the mid-century modern style and you will see plenty of other ideas.

1. Hazel Modern

2. Maude Street

3. 1954 Mid Century Ranch Home, Napa, CA

4. Mid-century modern deck

5. 3510 Multiview

6. Mid-Century Modern Deck with a view

7. Mid-Century Modern Renovation on Mercer Island

8. City Beach

9. Mid-Century Danville Staging

10. Madison Park Ranch House

11. Hip Haven in Hayes Valley

12. Mid-century modern deck

13. Highlands Park Lodge

14. Beech Knoll

15. Mountview Residence

16. Enberg House

17. Wakecrest Residence

18. 5327 W Mercer Way

19. Ratio House

20. Orinda Mid-Century Modern


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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