17 Stunning Mid-Century Modern Porch Designs Perfect For The Summer

The mid-century modern home design dates back to the 50’s of the previous century and that does reflect on its layout. Most modern homes lack a porch because it seems as if there is no purpose in having one. After all, the porch was used as an outdoor living room for the summer back when there was no efficient way to cool off the home when it was too hot. But even with air conditioning, is it the same if you’re staying inside or outside? If you’ve got the space, you should definitely consider building a mid-century porch so that you will be able to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Welcome to a new compilation of ideas in which we are going to show you 17 Stunning Mid-Century Modern Porch Designs Perfect For The Summer. Have a look through these designs and then you be the judge. Did the invention of affordable air conditioning for homes make the porch obsolete? If you ask me, it definitely didn’t. Nothing can replace the feeling of the smooth summer breeze on your skin. Of course, this collection is the next installment of our showcase of the mid-century modern home. In fact, we’ve just moved out of the interior areas with our last collection of 16 Wonderful Mid-Century Modern Entrance Designs so stay tuned for more outdoor designs. Enjoy!

1. Jenson-DeLeeuw NZE House

2. Chamblee Mid Century Modern

3. Bouldin Bungalow

4. Mid-Century Modern Revived

5. Haver House

6. Winflo Residence

7. PBH Colip House

8. Paradise Lane, New Milford, CT

9. Panama Ave

10. Mid-Century Masterpiece

11. Mid-Century Modern Porch Design

12. Bell Canyon Residence

13. Split Box

14. Napa Pool House

15. Berkeley Hills House

16. Chamblee Mid Century Modern

17. Mid Century Ranch Renovation


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