20 Classy Mediterranean Bedroom Design Ideas

If you are attracted to the wooden furniture where you can see traces of past times, warm texture, bright colors like blue summer sky, stone accessories, then you are attracted to the Mediterranean style. This style can be described as relaxed, comfortable, rustic, and appealing to most people. Very important role in equipping the Mediterranean style has terra cotta, and Spanish tiles. Another important trait of Mediterranean culture, lifestyle and architecture, are the warm and natural colors. They are represented by dark blue as the color of the sea, brown as the color of the country and baked clay, even lavender, yellow, rust.

Mediterranean style is characterized by wooden beams on the ceiling (true or false), or the already mentioned Spanish tiles at the entrance. Mediterranean interiors abound with expensive mosaics, stone, in various forms, but all still have a modern look. Today there are cheap replacement for traditional ceramic or stone, so it will not cost a lot to get the identical shape as if you were using the original materials. The Mediterranean style have rich textures, and a lot materials are intertwined.

Using a classy Mediterranean bedroom design can be an excellent idea for your bedroom. So, if you want to make attractive and peaceful bedroom, try with this style. There are some Mediterranean-style interior design tips that you may consider when designing your bedroom. These can include:

  • Pay attention to the essentials to ensure a clutter-free space. Walk around your bedroom and determine which items are no longer needed. Remove the non-essentials from the room to keep the clutter away.
  • Regarding your walls, think about using white or cream shades. You can do the interior painting yourself or work with some professionals. If you haven’t found one, you may check out some prospects online. For example, if you live in Castle Rock, start your search by using keywords like β€˜painting contractors Castle Rock’ on the search engine. This way, you can find the best professionals for your painting needs.
  • Use wide plank wood flooring or tile to achieve a Mediterranean-inspired interior. Use the same floor flooring throughout the room to ensure a cohesive look. Also, add flat-weave rugs in muted colors or leave the floor bare to get the most out of the Mediterranean design.
  • Add natural materials for the furniture, such as rattan, cotton, linen, jute, and wicker. To decorate your bedroom, you may use vintage or handcrafted sculptural objects like bows, ceramics, vases, and baskets.
  • Let the natural light come through using solar shades, gauzy curtains, and bare windows.

Indeed, there are many ways to achieve a classy Mediterranean bedroom design. But if you want to have a clear idea of what this bedroom design looks like, see our collection and find inspiration!


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