Vertical Garden at Your Home & Outdoors

Today, we have many more options in terms of size of the plant box, the place where we want to install it (inside or outside the home) and countless plants that can be installed, such as aromatic and succulent, two of the most grateful species for this type of gardens.


– The first step is to cover the wall in question with a waterproof sheet (eg plastic).

– Once the wall is covered, two layers of geotextile are applied in which we will make several cuts in which we will place the roots of the plants or the moss.

– In the end, it will be necessary to install a drip irrigation system that maintains humidity. If we are afraid of spoiling the soil, we can place a bucket underneath while they water and remove it an hour later.

If you find it very complicated or you have a ‘black hand’ capable of annihilating any plant, you can opt for less complicated but equally attractive artificial alternatives. Green is a trend, and we know that it suits your house very well.


Erick Millán, Mexican interior designer famous for integrating vertical gardens into his projects, tells his tricks so that plant walls look perfect and fill the space with positive energy:

  • “Once a week I fill a spray bottle with distilled water and spray the leaves to clean them of the dirt they accumulate.”
  • “The leaves have to be cleaned if they have soil so they don’t get sad and their skin can be healthy.”
  • “I play them classical music, bossa-nova, jazz, they like it a lot!”
  • “Once a month I put copal (tree resin) in incense to aromatize the area and also to cleanse the stress from the plants, which sometimes store the energies of the people who inhabit the space.”
  • “It is very important to check if the soil is moist, especially indoor plants. They do not require a lot of water, but it is advisable to keep your soil moist.”

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