How to Use White in the Living Room?

Today we suggest you discover how to use white in your living room decor. With which colors or materials to associate it, you will find here all the inspiration you will need! With gray, black, beige, pink, it must be said: white can be associated with all colors. We suggest you start by discovering the 5 associations that work best!



A Decoration in White and Gray in the Living Room

Do you want a modern, bright, elegant living room? Do not hesitate to use white and gray. Thus, you do not risk a lack of taste. Below are some great ideas for using this combination at home.

To start, as in this first example, you can create a decoration that is both modern and Scandinavian by combining gray and white. Here, a gray sofa was chosen for the owners. To give the room more charm, a nice carpet printed in dark gray, a white round coffee table, and plaid were installed. To bring a little personality, don’t hesitate to add some black objects to your living room like here. Guaranteed effect!


Combine White and Beige

For a softer atmosphere in your living room, but also chicer, you can opt for the combination of white and beige. Personally, it is the association that we find most pleasant. By making this choice, you can be sure not to lose brightness in your room.

We especially loved the first salon. Here, a slightly pinkish beige was chosen to paint the walls. With its large white sofa and rocking chair and its little wooden notes, the whole is very pleasant. Like here, do not hesitate to play with wood to warm up the decor of your room.

If you want a bohemian atmosphere in your living room, then beige and white will be a great way to achieve it. In particular, you will be able to make choices comparable to those presented in the following photo. Here, the two shades have been embellished with a few elements typical of the bohemian style: the macramé coffee table is the most striking example.


Decorate the Living Room with White and Black

Much more marked, the combination of white and black in the decor of the living room is a choice to think about. Indeed, the decor of your room will be much more contrasted but also franker. However, it is still possible to create something lighter by following the tips presented below.

In this first example, it was on an entirely white base that black was added. Indeed, in this living room, the sofa, the coffee table, or the poufs have been chosen in white. The notes of black, we find them thanks to the cushions, plaids, and frames. It is a good method to allow yourself the opportunity to change your mind if you have enough black.


A Living Room in White and Duck Blue

Among the most trendy colors of the moment, duck blue holds a special place. For several years now, more and more of you have adopted it in your interior. Married to white, this shade will reveal its full potential.

It will be particularly perfect to create an original bohemian spirit decoration in your living room. Indeed, by choosing, as in the example below a duck sofa to which you will match a pair of linen curtains, you will be able to sublimate your room which will keep all its brightness thanks to white. On the accessories side, braided fiber elements will be perfect to finalize your setting.


White and Pink in the Living Room Decor

Last combination of colors that works perfectly in the living room: pink and white. To create a feminine and bright atmosphere, this combination will be absolutely perfect. To use it, you will be spoiled for choice. I invite you to discover some examples below.

Here, pink, white, and beige blend perfectly. The atmosphere is elegant and natural, especially thanks to the use of linen which is omnipresent. We also loved the wooden coffee table with vintage and industrial look. Here is a very good example to use white and pink in your living room.


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