19 Wooden Fence Ideas To Match Your Modern Style

The wooden fence was once the only kind of fence that was used in the past, but now there are so many options and materials, so the wooden fence is just one of the options from which you can choose. Although it can be considered as traditional or rustic, the wooden fence may look very modern. How your wooden fence will look, the mostly depends on the design.

For a minimalist, modern house, a simple and robust wooden fence is a great choice. You can set the boards horizontally and create a modern version of the traditional fence. Designs of the modern fences are very simple, regardless of the use of the material. But there are options for the fence to look modern, you just think a little more different. For example, instead of placing the wooden boards vertically, try to set them horizontally. You can create a very compact fence design or create modern patterns from the pads. If you want something exotic, choose a bamboo tree. Choose materials and colors that will suit your home design. Pay attention to the different shades that perfectly complement each other on the wooden fence. Check out some interesting options and you you make choice for sure!



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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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