19 Super Cool DIY Christmas Decorations That Will Thrill You

Let the countdown begins! New Year and Christmas holidays are the time when your house becomes a warm nest where family members and friends gather. But sometimes it can also be very stressful as it requires many activities and inspirational ideas. If you have not planned and you are not able to decorate your apartment, or at least some part of it, but you still want to create a real holiday atmosphere in your home and to fit everything into the budget, we offer you several creative ideas.

When we think of Christmas holidays, the first thing that comes to mind is decorated Christmas tree and a lot of Christmas lights. You can decorate it with your last year’s decoration (if your budget is not enough for buying new ornaments or you do not want to change the decorations), it can be colorful or have a specific theme (with the colors that you choose). The most common decorations, ribbons, figurines are usually in gold, silver, copper, transparent, red, green and brown. Do not hesitate to decorate the apartment and the tree with darker tones like gray, black, purple or indigo blue, especially as they are fashionable today. Also, please note that decorations are not just for fir trees, but you can hang them on chandeliers, windows, arches, picture frames, or you can put them in some bowls, and put on a table. You can put a sponge on the floor or a table, and below put smaller tablecloths or blankets on which you will place gifts. Check out below, and you will see some great DIY Christmas decorations that will amaze you for sure!


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