19 Big Ideas For Decorating Adorable Small Living Room

The lack of square footage can be replaced with a style, so small apartments can become with big statement. Clutter will make the space even smaller and you first need to remove all the things that you don’t use anymore. You should first make a concept with only a few pieces of furniture, that try to move them that way, to get as much free space. If you have a small living room, do not expect that inside it you can store corner big sofa or three-seater designed for apartments of 100m².

Bulky large armchairs just take up space and huge piecess of furniture that occupy half the room are not suitable for small living room. You need to choose only furniture in proportion to the size of the rooms, you can also use folding furniture such as chairs, large dining table or sofa bed hang in the closet. For the club table you can use transparent surface, made of glass or Plexiglas, which will visually increase the free space. See our adorable examples of some small living room designs, and you might find idea how to decorate your living room properly.


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