19 Astounding Luxury Mediterranean House Designs You’ll Want To Live In

The main feature of Mediterranean style is finding the ideal balance between the interior and the natural environment, which in itself makes it unique. Mediterranean style must display the sun, sea, citrus fruits and Mediterranean plants. In essence, it is simple, light and functional style. One of the main features of the Mediterranean culture, leisure and the architecture are beautiful colors that result from nature. This style can be extremely formal, rustic or classic.

If you love these characteristics, we suggest you to try to incorporate this style in your home. If you want to make beautiful exterior with dramatic look, you can make the exterior of the your house in Mediterranean style, and you will not be wrong. See some inspirational examples and maybe you will get some idea!


Image via Ross Cooperthwaite photography


Image via Coles Hairston


Image via Brantley Photography


Image via Kevin Rugee Architect, Inc


Image via Rachael Boling


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