19 Adorable Baby Boy Nursery Design Ideas

Room for the baby should primarily be functional and to be bright enough, but not too exposed to the sun, and to be fully adapted to the baby’s needs. First you need to do while decorating the baby’s room, is to choose a color for the walls. If you know the sex of your baby, it can help you when it comes to choosing a color. However, if you want to avoid the classic colors – pink or blue – choose neutral colors, such as apricot, yellow or light green are the ideal solution.

For safety reasons, bed should not be set below the window, but also not under a big furniture, such as shelves. When purchasing a crib, make sure that there are no unnecessary sharp ornaments and the distance between bars is not too large (no more than 6 cm). The mattress should be firm, with cotton bed linen. In addition, you can see some helpful ideas how to decorate functional nursery for your baby boy. Enjoy!


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