18 Super Functional Ideas For Mini Office In The Living Room

The place where you spend a lot of time while working, should be decorated the best as you can! This place should be comfortable and pleasant, and also you in it, during the performance of work in the comfort of your home, be relaxed. The living room is the perfect place if you do not have a separate room where you could store your working corner.

The ease and pleasantness of the living room, will give you the ability to finish the job in a pleasant way. Of course it is very important to handle this little working corner to edit, and to make it to fit into the rest of the interior of your living room. Do not worry, you can always find what fits and what will look good in the perfect combination of living room and working corner. There are so many ways how to perform this, you just need to decide where to set the desk, but take care to be near the window, because of the importance of the natural light. In our following examples, you can see a variety of ideas that will help you to find place for your working corner in the living room, Browse our collection, and be creative!


Image via Peter Margonelli


Image via Martin Hulala


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