18 Spectacular Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Designs

The mid-century modern style is considered as a vintage style nowadays but what most people are not familiar with is that this style is the predecessor to what we call today the modern and the contemporary styles. This style was mostly popular during the 1950s and 1960s with its clean approach to home decor that broke away from the traditional style. Today, we are going to take a look at the mid-century modern dining room and explore plenty of different ideas.

Welcome to a new compilation of interior designs in which we’ve featured 18 Spectacular Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Designs. Take a few minutes to explore the designs that have made their way into this collection and you will have the chance to look at some terrific interior design ideas that might even provide you with the necessary inspiration that you need. In any case, this collection is going to join the rest of the mid-century modern showcase including the designs of the kitchenbathroom, bedroom and living room. Stay tuned for more!

1. Lookout Residence & Lab

2. Larkspur Residence

3. Land Park Hollywood Bungalow

4. Mid Century Modern Remodel

5. The Doa Streets Studio City

6. Soma Loft Furnishings Project

7. Compact Mid-century modern dining room

8. 1954 Mid Century Ranch Home, Napa, CA

9. Axiom Desert House

10. Del Mar Meadow House

11. Greenmeadow, Palo Alto

12. Cedar Island Residence

13. Estrella Star Modern

14. Mid Century Modern ADA Remodel

15. Westlake Hideaway

16. Mount Vernon Penthouse

17. Eichler No. 2

18. Northshore Residence


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