18 Spectacular Industrial Swimming Pool Designs That Will Invite You For A Dip

While it remains true that industrial homes are most commonly lofts and apartments that have been repurposed after factories and warehouses were closed down, there are plenty of homes that have been built or renovated in the industrial style. It is very difficult to find outdoor designs from the industrial style because of its history of origin but the ones that have been converted the right way have some truly spectacular outdoor areas. We’ve already shown you designs of industrial decks, landscapes and patios which brings us to the next best thing – the industrial swimming pool design which we present today.

Welcome to our latest collection of outdoor designs in which we gladly invite you to take a look at the followingΒ 18 Spectacular Industrial Swimming Pool Designs That Will Invite You For A Dip.Β Check these awesome designs out because you will have the chance to see some great ideas that can inspire you. This collection is for the true fans of the industrial style but it is also intended to present and showcase this unique style to people who are not so well aware of it. Enjoy!

1. Casa Bonita


2. Industrial Swimming Pool

3. East Dallas Minimalism

4. SoHo Townhouse


5. Flex Model

6. Zinc House

7. 700 Palms Residence

8. Contemporary Character

9. Industrial Swimming Pool

10. Desert Waterhole – Sonoran Steel – Paradise Valley

11. Mega House with Manhattan Views


12. The “Tree house”, Glen Forrest

13. Ojai Residence

14. Blessington street St Kilda

15. Cornwell Residence

16. Villa Golf Hondarribia


17. Garner Residence

18. Napa Ledge House


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

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